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Saturday, June 8, 2019
Photo by Ryan Moraga

A week before they release their highly anticipated debut album Turkey Dinner (via Innovative Leisure), trio Pinky Pinky have shared one last sneak preview with 'Loose Change'. It's been busy times for Anastasia Sanchez, Eva Chambers, and Isabelle Fields, who recently played shows in the UK/Europe and have upcoming appearances at Bonnaroo and shows with The Growlers and The Nude Party.

'Loose Change', which is set to close out the album, is another incredible full throttle garage-rock offering by the trio. In true Pinky Pinky style, the track features thought-provoking and intriguing lyrics, such as "I kicked the chair after tying the knot / I wasn't aiming when I shot / But now I've really turned around." On the track, they said, "‘Loose Change’ was the most fun to make. It was one of the more honest ones, fun to translate and figure out. It has the biggest sound and a big ending to the album. There was a lot of smiling happening when that song was being created.”

Be sure to check out the rest of Turkey Dinner when it's released on June 14th.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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