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Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Photo by Chloe Sells

Along with sharing her brand new album Midnight last Friday via Saddle Creek, Detroit artist Stef Chura also unveiled her new single 'Scream'. The single was also accompanied by the release of her music video, which was directed by Ambar Navarro.

On the track, she said that it's "partly about the loneliness of social media. How being popular online doesn't equate to feeling whole in your real life, projecting a persona of an ideal 'you' online. I wrote this from the perspective of someone else. It's about the dual self: a person who thinks of themselves in one way vs. how they actually are and treat others, which is totally unlike how they view themselves. A blind spot, you could say, because how they treat others is a reflection of their loneliness and anger. It can leave them acting nasty, mean and like a bully to the people in their life."

Throughout 'Scream', she's able to channel this through a series of mighty vocals and explosive and impassioned instrumentals. Ideas of duality and personality are also captured in the music video for the track.

Check out 'Scream' by Stef Chura below.

Written by Kristy Smolcic 

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