Premiere: The Juniper Berries – 'Putty in Yr Hands'

Friday, June 14, 2019
Photo by Kate Burkhardt

We're incredibly excited to share with you 'Putty in Yr Hands', which is the brand new single by Ashland-based band The Juniper Berries. The band are currently in the process of finishing up their second full-length release, with 'Putty in Yr Hands' marking a change in artistic direction.

The eerie yet intriguing track features haunting keys progressions, spacey instrumentals and sultry vocals. On the track, guitarist and vocalist Joshua Stirm said, "This song was definitely a new experience for us to make. It was a project I had started in order to get away from mixing our next record, but it ended up coming together really quickly and when the rest of the band heard it they were excited about it, so it became a single. It has some electronic elements in it that I’m proud to have embraced, it’s really freeing to realize you don’t have to make everything a rock song."

Along with releasing the single, they've also shared visuals that capture the essence of 'Putty in Yr Hands', including a series of sharp, obscure, and cinematic scenes. On the video, Stirm said, "Making the music video with Kyle (Simpson) was so much fun too, he really pushed us to try out new things. While we were shooting, he kept saying stuff like “I think we can try something even weirder!”, which was totally what the video needed. During the last shoot of the video after we filmed the car smashing scene, his VHS camera even broke! We had to order a new one just to get the tape out.”

Check out The Juniper Berries' entrancing new single 'Putty in Yr Hands' below.

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