Feature: The Anatomy of 'A Blackened Rose' with Alara

Monday, July 15, 2019
Photo by Nikhil Chitre

NY-based artist Alara recently unveiled her reflective new single 'A Blackened Rose'. The stunning release sees her explore feelings of loneliness and isolation. To celebrate the release of the dazzling track, Alara takes us through how the song came together.

I wrote 'A Blackened Rose'... in about 15 minutes. It's the first song I've ever written that I don't mind listening to. Most artists I know can't stand to listen to their own music but I actually listen to this song for fun. I don't care if that's weird.

The story behind 'A Blackened Rose'... is pretty simple. Sometimes an asshole is an asshole and there's nothing you can do about it but leave.

My favorite lyric is.. "surrounded by the world but I feel like I'm a party of one".

It was made... in pajamas. Always pajamas.

My main inspiration... was a really great slice of Domino's pizza I had right before I wrote the song at about 1 AM. Also Radiohead's 'Thinking About You' off Pablo Honey. Thom sings, "I've bled and I bleed to please you". I mean, that's just the realest thing I've ever heard. They inspired my lyrics "What do you do when you bleed cause of the one you adore?".

It sounds best... when you're driving in your car in the winter with the windows down and the heat on.

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