Feature: The Anatomy of 'Drunk on a Rhythm' with Gothic Tropic

Monday, July 29, 2019

LA indie-pop artist Gothic Tropic recently shared her brand new single 'Drunk on a Rhythm', which is the first single to be released off of her upcoming record. The track channels her feelings after a break-up and the experience of meeting someone new. 'Drunk on a Rhythm' is the heartbreak anthem that we all need in our lives and you'll be blasting it on repeat for hours. She takes us through the story of how the track came to life below.

I wrote ‘Drunk on a Rhythm’... during a drunken cuddle puddle in Laos.

The story behind 'Drunk on a Rhythm'... is my way of being generous to myself after a calamitous breakup; helping me heal from betrayal, accepting joy, and moving on. The overall meaning of the song nurtures my independent identity.

My favourite lyric is… “I’m not that ashamed to say that I’ve gone stupid over you. And I’m gonna carry on this way. If fits me so perfectly.”

It was made… with my friend Jon Joseph in Van Nuys a few blocks away from where I grew up.

My main inspiration was… airtight 70s recordings, squashed guitars and saxophones.

It sounds best when… you’re breathing.

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