Feature: The Anatomy of 'Good Girl' with Kat Edwards

Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Photo by Ivana Martyn Zyznikow

Hobart-based artist Kat Edwards earlier in July shared the captivating visuals to her single 'Good Girl'. The personal and moving track appears as a personal memoir, with each word as stirring as the next. With an upcoming appearance at BIGSOUND fast approaching and a supporting spot Didirri's tour next month, the up-and-comer is going to be busy in the coming months. Learn more about 'Good Girl' with Kat Edwards below.

I wrote ‘Good Girl’'… Last year, sitting on the edge of my bed.

The story behind ‘Good Girl' is… I wrote it one afternoon after going through a darker point in my life and reflecting on what I’d endured. The lyrics and chords came to me so easily because I had all these emotions going round in my head. I wanted to create something that would empower myself and hopefully others to not put up with anyone/anything that wasn’t good for them. I wanted it to be some sort of anthem for anyone who could relate. Writing 'Good Girl' was really cathartic for me, it felt like opening up to a friend and getting that closure from a situation.

 My favourite lyric is… ’Keep my mouth shut just how you like, why have opinions, you’re always right’. I like that it has a bit of bite to it.

It was made… With the help of Xavier Dunn and Oscar Dawson. Id never worked with a producer before so I was really excited about getting in the studio. We tracked the whole song live at first, then realised it wasn’t quite right. So instead we used the stems of the live drums and intro guitar and started again.

My main inspiration was… I was listening to a lot of Margaret Glaspy at the time I wrote 'Good Girl', her songs and guitar progressions had the attitude I was trying to embody for my song.

It sounds best when… Turned up loud, driving in a car at night.

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