Feature: The Anatomy of 'Lie' with Friends of Friends

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Friends of Friends has evolved from a band into the solo project of Barnaby Baker, with new single 'Lie' an exciting taste of what he's been working on. Baker's take on alt-pop draws upon influences from new-wave, electronic and doses of post-punk. To celebrate the release of the single, he takes us through the story of how it came together. 

The story behind ‘Lie' is… I had a really restless night a few months back thinking about a fight I had earlier that day. The next morning I made a downtempo robo-beat that sounded awful, but then those chorus lyrics popped into my head as I was staring at my screen. The track turned into some sort of melancholic/hopeful/but-also-slightly-lethargic thing. I recorded the vocals that same morning and the track just fell into place.

My favourite lyric is… "I'm just out of body, you're just someone else." The first part describes a feeling I often get where I don't feel 100% connected to reality. It's a little weird. And then, "you're just someone else" is a little reminder to myself that we're all just trying to get through our own problems and so I try not to take everything someone says or does too seriously. I find myself feeling those two things simultaneously quite a lot. I don't want to look into it too much haha.

It was made… In my bedroom with excessive amounts of introspection. I think I had Terminator 2 on in the background as well, so there's robo-Arnie in the mix too. It was a weird morning...

My main inspiration was… Fleetwood Mac's 'Everywhere'. That track was stuck in my head at the time and in retrospect, I think it shaped 'Lie' quite a bit. Their tune is way better though. Mad respect for Fleetwood Mac!

It sounds best when… You're up too late. Starring at your Phone (night shift mode tho coz self-love). They won't text you back. Work is at 6am. So you throw this tune on to settle your sweet little heart!

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