Feature: The Anatomy of 'Love Me First' with Stellie

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Indie-pop up-and-comer and Adelaide-based artist Stellie recently shared the ever-so-mesmerising 'Love Me First'. It's becoming a breakthrough year for the emerging artist, who signed an exciting deal New World Artist and will be appearing at BIGSOUND and supporting Didirri at his upcoming SA show. Learn more about the story behind 'Love Me First' with Stellie below.

I wrote ‘Love Me First’... Pretty much about a year ago exactly. My mind was in overdrive so the lyrics felt like they poured out of me — my hands could hardly keep up.

The story behind ‘Love Me First' is... Based off of one particular night. It was actually a really fun night, but the repercussions were not so fun. I kept playing out what had happened over and over in my head and soon realised that the idea of ‘love’ my mind had created, wasn’t really doing me any favours. I guess I wanted to express my own take on that old school saying ‘love is blind’

My favourite lyric is... ‘Was it even your birthday, or did you just say that to make me cry?’ — I'm not even too sure if I know the true meaning behind this lyric, but it's incredibly fun to sing.

It was made... On my keyboard in my bedroom. I don’t think this song was really planned, it was almost an accident. I just happened to sit down at my piano for a moment and something clicked, I started writing and this was the result. I wrote it pretty quickly too. I wanted to make sure it was raw, honest and in the moment, so hardly anything changed when I eventually recorded it properly.

My main inspiration was... Amy Winehouse. Whenever I hear one of her songs, I almost feel like I have stepped inside her mind. She was an amazing storyteller. I wanted to make this song feel almost too invasive like someone had just picked up my journal and started reading it.

It sounds best when... You’re vulnerable. It sounds bad, but it's true. This song is full of emotion and its always nice when you realise someone else shares those same thoughts and emotions as you. It's almost comforting. ‘Love Me First’ is a song for the naive, the overthinkers and anyone who just feels like crying.

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