Feature: The Anatomy of 'On The Bus' with Ellen Krauss

Friday, July 19, 2019

Emerging Swedish pop artist Ellen Krauss recently unleashed her brand new single 'On The Bus'. The release of the single was also this week joined by dazzling and eye-catching visuals, which was directed by visual artist Gemma Yin. Learn more about the single with Ellen below.

I wrote ‘On The Bus’… at home in my living room, a little over a year ago. The song came to me very quickly. It just felt so right.

The story behind ‘On The Bus' is… based on the struggle of escaping or hiding from an unrequited love. It’s written in a pretty ironic yet decadent way and I guess me and my guitar needed to discuss how I could ignore this particular someone and the solution was partying and writing a ’kiss-off’ song.

My favourite lyric is… ”When I see you on the train, I won’t show you my pain. Cuz you don’t even think of me, babe.” It just says it all. This girl I liked took the same train to school as me.

It was made… on my acoustic guitar and I remember I was sitting on my couch, basically doing nothing but strumming my guitar and I thought about how I would tackle the next week, on the train…and then the lyrics and melody just flew out of me.

My main inspiration was… no one really. However, today when I listen to it I think I hear some Dua Lipa-vibes maybe. But I don’t know. I take inspiration from everywhere really.

It sounds best when… I play it at home, on my guitar, in the bathroom. The acoustics in there are crazy. I like writing music in the bathroom :)

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