Feature: Ingredients of Lost In Translation with YIBBY

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

If Sydney-based rapper YIBBY isn't on your radar yet, he needs to be ASAP — his highly anticipated EP Lost In Translation will truly blow you away. The EP sees YIBBY explore growing up and his observations of the world around him in a way that's both poetic and honest. To celebrate the release of Lost In Translation last month, he reflects on what inspired him when working on it.

Kings Cross studio
Sydney city is an interesting place and Kings Cross especially (laughs). There’s a lot of people from different walks of lives, it always got me thinking; the people, the sounds, the images. I wrote the majority of the project in the studio with my producers Clockwork Odyssey, they had a lot of influence too with their conversation and recommendations, Tarantino, Kanye podcasts and books (laughs).

My Grandma’s Corolla Seca
I had a lot of ideas for the project in my Grandma’s Seca, I wrote 180 after I hit the curb in the car, I mentioned it in the song (laughs). I was actually working as a delivery driver, so I’d have a lot of time driving around thinking of ideas or listening to albums. I’d usually pick an album to listen to each shift, I’d listen to final masters in the car a lot too.

George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm
I read these Orwell books in high school and they’ve always stayed on my mind. I found it interesting how he depicts classism and the way the people interact with the state and capitalism. I don’t think my lyrics are overly in line with those books, but they did get me thinking and I do enjoy writing in a way that asks questions at times.

I’m not an art buff but I was reintroduced to some pieces and I found them really cool. I liked that they said things without saying them too specifically and were mostly quite busy and fluid, it reminded me of my music. That’s why I went with the style of artwork I did for the project, it felt right with the concept and I thought it was nice to be able to use Harry’s originals to tell another story.

I’m in my third year of a communications and media degree and it certainly influenced the concept of the project. I started the project at the beginning of my degree and a lot of the things I’ve picked up found themselves in the EP; largely the way we communicate and narratives that impact the way we perceive each other and the world around us.

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