Friday, July 19, 2019

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North Carolina (and now NY-based) band, The Nude Party, have been turning heads because of their unique and mesmerizing sound, which finds itself at the intersection of garage-rock, neo-psychedelia, and country. The untamed six-piece, who are in town for Splendour in the Grass this weekend, transform into something otherworldly in a live setting. 

Each member of The Nude Party is as essential as the next, with each pouring everything they've got to present a rapturous, enthralling and unforgettable live show. They all play an important role and they do it so incredibly well. 

Their expansive CV of live shows — whether it's been their own headline shows, festival appearances or huge supporting slots — has allowed them to refine and polish their live sound into what it is. Despite the various layers and elements that features in their performance, it's clean and well-orchestrated. There's a lot of things that make their live sound distinct, but a blazing element that stands out is how they weave percussion in to accentuate everything else that's happening — including the congas, maracas and tambourine.

Their performance took fans on a frantic journey across their debut self-titled album. Including the absorbing and catchy sounds of the night's opener 'Paper Trail (Money)'. As the show progressed, the room was treated to the uplifting sounds of 'Feel Alright', and everyone loved every second of it. Also making appearances was their mega-hit 'Chevrolet Van', which the room sang along to and let out a couple of moves. Other tracks they served up during their show was 'Astral Man', 'Water On Mars', 'Live Like Me' and 'Gringo Che'. They closed as firey and invigorated as they started with the luring and utterly hypnotic 'Wild Coyote'. 
They encountered a speedbump when a broken guitar string happened and they were almost a guitar short until either a member from Bones and Jones or Traffik Island saved the day and let them borrow a guitar to finish their performance off. 

The Nude Party's live shows are more than a gig, they're a celebration — once it's over, you can't help but be left spellbound by their entrancing stage presence. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)
Photos by Kristy Smolcic (FOLIO)

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July 19th - The Lansdowne, Sydney (18+)
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