Feature: Ingredients of Underneath It All with Hein Cooper

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Australian artist (now Montreal-based) Hein Cooper recently unveiled his sophomore album Underneath It All. The LP was inspired by his experiences over the past few years, including travelling and seeing different parts of the world. To celebrate its release last month, he took some time out to dissect the influences behind the record for us.

I’ve been travelling around loads since I released my first album in 2016 trynna reach and create an audience for my music and it’s been really intense at times. I didn’t really have much money so I was basically staying in cheap hotels and getting whatever help I could from whoever was willing to lend a hand and that was a real challenge, and I was alone a lot. All of it gave me time to think a lot, and I was able to discover myself more in a way, and I also realised how much we all need each other or at least someone who can connect with us on that level where you know they understand you.

I’ve been living in Montreal since May last year. It’s always been where I make my music but I never really lived here before last year and it’s really soaked into all the tracks. There four seasons here and they’re really different from each other. I started recording the album in the summer (which is basically as hot as Australia) and finished it in the winter (which literally get’s to -30 degrees) and I can feel the different seasons through each of the songs.

This one leads from the last one. Whilst in Montreal last year I found a home with someone who is now my partner and it was a really beautiful time in my life. I was able to feel more confident in who I was and who I really wanted to be because this person was there to love that person in me. As I stayed I really developed and evolved into a better version of myself and that’s how Songs like 'Wolfe', 'Invincible', 'Like That', 'Hijack' all happened.

The Country vs the City
I’m from a small town on the south coast of NSW but I’ve also spent a load of time living in bigger cities and I’m torn between both. The purity in small towns give me this beautiful feeling that everything’s going to be ok but I get bored if I stay too long. The city gives me a buzz but it’s much less clean and it’s exhausting and I think this battle in woven through the tracks.

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