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Thursday, July 25, 2019

19-year-old Maude Latour last month shared her latest single 'Starsick'. Maude has had an eventful life, including being a current student at Columbia studying philosophy and political science, and growing up in places such as London, Stockholm and Hong Kong. Her studies might keep her busy,  but she's been impressing listeners around the world with her dazzling string of singles.

Her majestic new single is a stunning slice of alt-pop. Catchy and magnetic, 'Starsick' came to Maude after spending time stargazing. On the track, she said:

"The notion of the word "starsick" came to me while I was at Joshua Tree, lying on the roof of a rental car staring at a sea of stars. I was intoxicated with the Milky Way, and that just about describes who I am. As a kid, I was haunted by the concept of black holes. For just a few seconds, I could fully grasp what nothingness really meant. It was my deepest fear as a child, much like other kids who were viciously aware of death at a young age. Nothingness, a void, loneliness, the fickleness of life; they all haunted me with every step."

Listen to 'Starsick' by Maude Latour below.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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