Now Watching: Sunscreen – 'High Over Love'

Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Photo by Chris Polak

Currently prepping up for their upcoming tour, local faves Sunscreen have shared their video for their exquisite single 'High Over Love'. The video was created with director and filmmaker Madeline Purdy.

According to Sarah Sykes from Sunscreen, they wanted to capture the suffocating feeling of being trapped and searching for release, including "the concepts of an invasion of privacy, and feelings of desire to escape, in a setting that is familiar: the everyday commute on Sydney Trains."

Madeline Purdy also noted, "The video is awash with nostalgia immediately, I think because of the rarity of the shooting style and performance. We spent all day on trains: just the band, myself, the shooter Ash Pepper and a camcorder, with no lights or tripod. As the hours went by, the comfort of such familiar liminal spaces - stations, carriages - really emerged. On a public train there are no airs, no pretence - we were just a bunch of people with a camera and a song shuttling through the city like everyone else".

Sunscreen continues to wow us and we're incredibly eager to hear more from them this year.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Tour dates:
July 20th - Vic On The Park - Sydney (w/ Egosim and Babey)
July 26th - Silo @ The Foundry - Brisbane (w/ Dopamine and Olivia's World)
July 27th - Yah Yah's - Melbourne (w/ Ferla and Denise Le Menice)
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