Video Premiere: Fierce Mild – 'No Sense'

Friday, July 5, 2019

Today, Fierce Mild have shared their brand new video for their recent single 'No Sense'. The Melbourne-based band draw upon influences from cinema, visual art and Australian history in their music and fuse them with their own experiences.

'No Sense' was inspired by the death of a close friend who died from cancer, Troy from the band said, "I tried so many different ways of expressing how I was feeling at the time of his death. To sum up our joint experience on earth. However, it just all proved too trite, in a way he would never have wanted.  In the end, the wind took all those words away and I felt myself melting into the process of grief eventually accepting that it was something I would never understand. The perpetual trading of human life as well as any other sentience that you can call life on earth."

The stirring video channels the pain behind the song through emotional scenes and powerful dancing choreography. The video for 'No Sense' was directed by Stephanie Peters and features a dance performance by Emma Riches.

Watch Fierce Mild's video for 'No Sense' below.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)