Feature: The Anatomy of 'Beijing Baby' with Jaguar Jonze

Monday, August 26, 2019

After releasing one of our favourite tracks of 2018 with 'You Got Left Behind', Jaguar Jonze is back with yet another gem, this time sharing 'Beijing Baby'. Home to incredible vocals, stirring lyrics and all-consuming instrumentals, the single is truly remarkable. Before her upcoming appearance at BIGSOUND, the ever-so-talented Jaguar Jonze dissects the track for us below.

I wrote ‘Beijing Baby’… At the start of this year in January on a whim of a road trip down to Sydney. I had the concept in my head for a while and had actually written another song with it but that song is dead now, this new one ate it.

The story behind 'Beijing Baby' is… How easy it is to hide behind facades and get lost in the allure of materialism.

My favourite lyric is…“Paper thin and feather light Your life will never be a chase”

It was made… Organically, range-free and with probably a bit of emotional pesticide.

My main inspiration was… Frustration from a few situations where ignorance prevailed and hurt those around them, and unknowingly themselves too.

It sounds best when… Watched with the music video. lol hahaha *shameless plug*

Check out 'Beijing Baby' by Jaguar Jonze below:

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