Feature: The Anatomy of 'I've Got The Feeling' with Pleasure Complex

Monday, August 19, 2019

South London band Pleasure Complex recently unveiled their energetic debut single 'I've Got The Feeling' via Young Poet Records. Short but impactful, the single is a huge statement by the band. To celebrate the release of the single, Simon Eaves from the band takes us through the story behind the track.

We wrote 'I've Got The Feeling'... in such a frenzy that no one in the band has any reliable memory of its creation.

The story behind 'I've Got The Feeling'... lengthy, and best enjoyed over a stiff drink.

My favourite lyric is... 'I've got the feeling you're going to ruin my life'.

It was made... for singing, dancing and sobbing.

Our main inspiration... the collective recklessness of our combined pasts.

It sounds best when... hurtling into oblivion.

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