Feature: The Anatomy of 'Like He Never' with BIOND

Friday, August 23, 2019

BIOND recently shared the neon-drenched visuals for her pop gem ‘Like He Never’. The track was written as a tonic for hook-up culture and the video sees her and her besties take on Melbourne, on an epic night out. To celebrate the release for the video, Biond shares the creation process of ‘Like He Never’, and why dancing and crying are not always mutually exclusive.

I wrote ‘Like He Never’… after one of the shittiest experiences of my life! I was lured into a one night stand by a friend, led to believe it was the start of a “beautiful relationship” and woke up to find that I’d been ghosted. Shortly after, I watched him try it with another girl and thought, “I know exactly what she’s about to go through”. This song was written for her.

The story behind ‘Like He Never’ is... about reclaiming your body and your story after your autonomy was ripped away from you. It’s about sisterhood and the cathartic power of dancing when all you want to do is curl up in a ball and cry.

My favourite lyric is... “goodbye, dangerous lover. I won’t hate you//won’t forget you”. It means, you’re not important enough to hate, but bloody hell have I learnt an important lesson.

It was made... firstly, it was written sitting at an upright piano at Monash Uni, with all the disco classics running through my head. Then I took it to Lewis (Moody, Producer) who created the most 80’s sounding, Whitney Houston style track… but after a month or so, I decided I wanted to take it to a more modern place. So those stems were taken to my good friend and bandmate, Hamish Patrick and together we found a way to bring it firmly into the now, but with the memory of every great 80’s dance-floor-filler.

My main inspiration was... honestly, at the time I was listening to a lot of Chaka Kahn. Her “I Feel For You” album takes me places. But also “crance” (cry/dance) artists like Robyn, who find a way to create deeply emotional dance tracks.

It sounds best when... you’re putting your war paint on ready for a night out, or in a dark moment when you need someone to remind you that your relationships don’t define your worth.

My favourite part of the video… is the kebab shop hahaha. I can’t count the number of times my nights out end with getting food, it just rings so true for me. But my favourite memory from the shoot where I’m dancing on the street in China Town at like 4am and then the taxi driver yells out from the car window. I love how real and funny it is. Artists can get very hung up on looking “cool” and I think this video shows exactly how much of a dork I am.

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