Feature: The Anatomy of 'Money' with Austen

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Austen this week shared the enthralling visuals for her empowering single 'Money'. The track is also set to appear on her forthcoming debut EP Passenger Seat, which is due for release on September 19th. To celebrate the release for the video, Austen directs the story of 'Money' for us below.

I wrote ‘Money'…while on a road trip through tropical north Queensland, my first proper holiday in a while. It was at a time when I’d been so stressed and it felt like I wrote the chorus as a kind of mantra to keep myself going.

The story behind ‘Money' is... basically independence! In an industry where money fuels everything and either grants or restricts your access to the things you want to create, ‘imma spend that money on myself’ is just saying that you have to take care of yourself and do what you need to do to make things happen. It’s about keeping a laser focus on your own dreams and not getting sidetracked by fakery.

My favourite lyric is... “if you turn my love into currency, I gotta spend it on me”... or “you’re just plated gold, wear you once and you fall apart.”

It was made... over the top of a 20-second beat loop that James (Angus, co-producer) sent me. I chopped it up to make the basis of every section and was stoked that the whole song flowed from that one idea.

My main inspiration was... musically, badass artists like MIA, Santigold, and a bit of a throwback hip hop vibe.

It sounds best when... you throw your headphones on and strut into your day job to make that money to fund your own dreams.

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