Feature: The Anatomy of 'Not My Fault' with Mylk

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Indie-rockers Mylk recently unveiled their stunning new single 'Not My Fault'. The infectious track is an exciting sneak preview of what the band has to offer and we can't wait to hear more. To celebrate its release, they took some time out to share the story of how the track came to be.

We wrote 'Not My Fault'... Whilst jamming when we were on a “tour” in Canberra. During that time, we were jamming and writing quite a bit of music and the melody and lyrics just seemed to fall into place on a particularly creative afternoon.

The story behind ‘Not My Fault' is… I was humming a melody in my head at 2am, and from that moment I just needed to write a song which included that melody. It ended up being the chorus and working perfectly as a jovial and easy-going tune.

My favourite lyric is… “I was in a bar…” This lyric is the first line of the second verse and there is nothing at all particularly special about it, but for some reason every time it gets sung it puts a smile on my face. Maybe it’s the way it’s pronounced in the song or maybe it just because it is so simple and authentic.

It was made… Originally it was written in early 2018 and became a favourite among us in the band. After playing it live a couple of times and getting a great response from audiences we decided to record and produce it in early 2019 with our good friend Austin Del Rio.

My main inspiration was… There wasn’t really any inspiration for this track as it was a spur of the moment jam and creative decision, without a doubt I was probably channelling some sort of subconscious connection to a mistake I have made that probably wasn’t my fault.

It sounds best when… Playing it live and having a group of people singing along to it or enjoyed whilst on the beach with a cold beverage.

Check out 'Not My Fault' by Mylk below:

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