Feature: The Anatomy of 'Where We're Going' with Gregory Dillon

Thursday, August 1, 2019
Photo by Curtis Scott Brown

Electro-pop artist Gregory Dillon unveiled his latest single 'Where We're Going' back in July. The beaming track is about not knowing the direction a relationship is heading, yet embracing the exciting feeling of the unknown. To celebrate its release, Gregory discusses the single for us below.

I wrote 'Where We're Going'… At the beginning of my most recent relationship. I associate a lot of nostalgia in the song to the simple moments we shared on the rooftop, which for me, was a paradise above the city. The song is dedicated to him and those early memories.

The story behind 'Where We're Going' is… Literally not knowing where we are going. Whenever something is starting off, I’d do anything to look into the future to see If I was taking all the right steps. At the same time, that’s honestly the best part and I think I wrote this song to remind myself that the present is the best moment.

My favourite lyric is… “I’m leaning in, my head on your shoulders, inside your arms I feel so much warmer. Can we stay here and feel this forever... It would make my night.”

It was made… In my bedroom studio but I finished producing it with my very talented mate JJ Mitchell in London.

My main inspiration was… Romantic sunsets, feeling lost, and feeling infinite.

It sounds best when… riding a Ferris Wheel... trust me I know ;) (cue the music video)

Listen to 'Where We're Going' by Gregory Dillon below:

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