Feature: The Anatomy of 'You Decided' with Mia Berg

Saturday, August 24, 2019
Photo by Emma Sukalic 

Oslo-based future-pop up-and-comer Mia Berg recently shared her lush and reflective new single 'You Decided'. Featuring intricately layered electronic soundscapes, the track channels a broken relationship that went downhill. Learn more about the single below.

I wrote 'You Decided'... In January 2018 I basically wrote about a relationship that didn’t go well. I sat by the piano, put together some chords and showed it to Henrik Lillehaug (the producer). I had some ideas and Henrik made the drum pattern and synth ideas which really added to the song. Later the same year we recorded the song, with help from Edvard Synnes on Synth/Bass and Ola Øverby on Drums.

The story behind 'You Decided'... Is about a relationship gone wrong. You’re continuously getting disappointed to the point where you just wanna hit back. But instead of making a sad breakup song, I wanted it to be raw, groovy and something I could listen to in the car, sing along to and think — wow what an idiot he was!

My favourite lyric is… "No way back, made your bet, take what’s left."

It was made... By two chords on the piano and a melody that later turned out to be the chorus. Then I just figured what the whole thing was gonna be about and wrote the rest, and brought it to the studio!

My main inspiration was… Not really sure what exactly inspired the song, but I listened a lot to Lianne La Havas and Mr Jukes around that time, so maybe something had driven me from hearing their songs? Besides that, just an urge to make a non-sad break-up song, since there are plenty of those already! (including my own…)

It sounds best... when you can either relate to the lyrics or you just wanna listen to something groovy and fresh!

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