Feature: Ingredients of I'll Never Give Up On Love Until I Can Put A Name On It with Las Aves

Friday, August 30, 2019
Photo by Victoria Hespel, Lucien Krampf

French trio Las Aves have today unveiled their brand new album I'll Never Give Up On Love Until I Can Put A Name On It. Their second album captures all sorts of feelings through an array of lush and intriguing soundscapes. To celebrate their new release, they take us through the inspiration that inspired them whilst working on the album.

Love 2.0
A year being single means a year of sad/meaningless/fun / very short love stories. Some of them ended up shaping our songs. There was that time I got ghosted, that time I got cheated on, that time I got pregnant... But each one of them involved an iPhone, lots of messages or bad news discovered on social media. And you end up experimenting with very deep feelings, alone, facing a screen. We got fascinated by this.

JD 800
We bought this magical synth quite early in the album process. It was for us an endless source of inspiration. It features those very evolutive pads, sounding like smooth waves morphing into acid tears...Sometimes we would just gently place a hand on the keyboard, and beautiful things happened. We used this synth a lot. Sometimes, even alone like on 'Tomorrow' or 'Thank You'... It was our favorite and still is. We're taking this one on tour and will cherish it like our own baby.

Lucien Krampf
He produced our album with us and is also our friend now. He comes from the hardcore techno scene but working together was surprisingly very natural, soft and sweet. We speak the same language even if we come from very different backgrounds. We focused on enhancing emotions through sounds, and that's where we kind of agreed on everything.

Charli CXC gig at La Maroquinerie Paris
It was for her Pop 2 tour. We saw Charli XCX in this small and very special venue in Paris, La Maroquinerie. It is one of our favorite venues in Paris, we played there like 5 times or more. It was incredible to see her there. It was punk, glossy, violent, emotional, and also very freeing. You could tell that people in the audience felt so good in there, the mood was perfect. This was the first time we saw pop music performed in that way, and we loved every second of it.

Creative Make Up 
I developed a new passion for makeup lately by completely changing my approach to it. It is such a liberating thing when you stop trying to hide your flaws and start just expressing yourself and use your own face as a canvas. You can imagine being anybody and I think I needed that at some point. We also used 3D make up on some of our pictures, we like how it blurs the line even more between the digital world and what we call reality.

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