Now Watching: Alex Cameron – 'Far From Born Again'

Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Photo by Chris Rhodes

With the release of his upcoming album Miami Memory fast approaching on September 13th via Secretly Canadian, Alex Cameron has delivered yet another incredible single with his latest track 'Far From Born Again'. Along with sharing the single, he's also unveiled the track's powerful music clip.

In the music clip for 'Far From Born Again', Cameron performs in a strip club. Directed by Ashley Connor, the video also features interviews with sex workers and sex-positivity activists who discuss their experiences within the industry.

On what he hoped to achieve with the video, Cameron said in a statement:

"‘Far From Born Again’ is a song about the independent sex work industry; its workers, and the dialogue surrounding their community. Not to be confused with sex trafficking or forced prostitution, independent sex workers set their own rates, and choose their clients. The song was a moment for me to clearly express my stance on the job and the people that do it. I support sex workers, I know many of them, I believe that educating the public on its very existence is extremely important. Writing the song was also a chance to speak directly to those who oppose it — men in parliaments and senates across the world, forced to maintain a global puritan standard to uphold a dubious political status quo at the cost of providing legislation that could well lead towards the well-being of the many sex workers across the world."

Watch the music video for 'Far From Born Again' below.

Written by Kristy Smolcic

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