EP of the Week: Mia Berg – Intro

Monday, September 30, 2019
Photo by Emma Sukalic 

We first stumbled across up-and-coming future-pop queen Mia Berg when she released her enchanting single 'You Decided' — she has left us in awe once again, this time with her six-track debut offering Intro, which also features her recent single 'Berlin'.

The EP opens up with the captivating sounds of 'Intro', which presents the backdrop for the next five tracks that follow. Soft and delicate, Berg's murmurs have been partnered with lush soundscapes. 'Berlin' is a reflective track about the German city — she opens the song with the words, "I wish I could go back to / Lazy, cloudy days in Berlin / No thinking 'bout tomorrow." The clarity of her vocals pushes you to focus on every word she sings and it's stunning.

In the middle of the EP, 'You Decided' makes an appearance. The soaring track features an intriguing fusion of contemporary R&B and future-pop. According to Berg, the track is about a relationship that has fallen apart. Along with being contemplative, the track is also home to a sea of grooves. The grooves continue on 'Grow', which has a daydream-like quality. 'Grow' features stirring words such as, "I'm changing faster than the wind / When I'm nearby you / Make me dizzy, make me question if it's right to feel this way / Do I care at all if it makes me insane?".

As Intro winds down, we're met by the poignant sounds of 'Hurry'. Originally released approximately a year ago, 'Hurry' was Berg's debut single. Berg's tender words tackle solitude and feeling confused and in love. 'Birds & Butterflies' closes the EP, leaving you covered in chills from head to toe.

Intro is a complete and truly remarkable release and we're certain Mia Berg is a name you're going to be hearing a lot more of in the future.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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