EP of the Week: Squid – Town Centre

Monday, September 9, 2019

Squid continues to invite listeners into their intricately constructed narratives with their EP Town Centre (released via Speedy Wunderground). The band are able to capture some of life's most mundane moments and conversations and turn them into stimulating and riveting songs that find themselves at the intersection of an array of distinct styles and sounds.

The EP's opener 'Savage' is a slow-burning and smokey track that sounds like something that you would hear in a black-and-white noir film. The jazz-inspired undertones and interweaving trumpet erupts all your senses and transports you to the idiosyncratic world of Town Centre. Next up is 'Match Bet', which is the band's most recent single. The track was inspired by someone Ollie Judge met at a store he used to work at. Judge was inspired by the Sonic Youth super-fan and the conversations that they used to have.

'The Cleaner' is an epic seven-minute-long number that features an enthralling fusion of disco-punk and post-punk. The buoyant song was inspired by the band's move from Brighton to London and portrays the mundane life of a cleaner through the use of feverish guitar lines, frantic drums and sharp vocals. The EP concludes with the crawling and eerie sounds of 'Rodeo', which is home to looser vocals that are read instead of sung.

Throughout Town Centre's entirety, Squid presents an exquisite collection of four tracks that pulls listeners into their unique world. The five-piece continues to prove why they are one of the best and most exciting breakthrough bands of 2019.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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