EP of the Week: AMA – SCREENLUV

Monday, September 23, 2019

West London up-and-comer AMA recently unveiled her enthralling debut EP SCREENLUV (via Dirty Hit) and it's a must-listen. Across each of the EP's six tracks, AMA presents a relatable and unfiltered account of relationships in the digital age — including the ways we communicate with our phones. Featuring production by Pasque, Jarreau Vandal, Karma Kid among others, the EP is an enchanting fusion of R&B and alt-pop, mixed with doses of PC music. 

According to AMA in a statement, the EP features "love songs from a millennial point of view, indirectly (and directly) at points relating to communicating with the person you love through your phone...it’s almost like this EP and all the songs are just me typing out all the thoughts in my head." Her thoughts on the EP mirrors the feeling you get when you listen to each of the tracks. The EP makes you feel like you've wandered inside her mind and you're looking at her thoughts and feelings in their rawest form. 

The EP opens up with 'Destination', which features shadowy instrumentals and uplifting words about not holding yourself back or feeling any sense of hesitation — AMA's opening track sets the tone for the next five tracks that come after it. 'Cluttered Mind' will make you feel like you're amidst a daydream. Her words explore infatuation, including, "'Cause you been sat in my mind for too long / I been staring at screens all day / And I can't seem to escape." The EP then moves into 'Crystal', which is both anthemic and grand. It's a vibrant and all-consuming track about finally finding what you've been searching for. 

In the middle of SCREENLUV, we're met by the shifting sounds of 'Real'. 'Real' reflects on a new relationship and wanting to be there for someone who hasn't fully opened up yet. Next up is 'Onto Something', which is home to a sea of intoxicating grooves. The EP closes just as majestic as it began with the moving sounds of 'Distance'. 

AMA's debut offering is a satisfying collection of six absorbing and stirring tracks that you will want to devour on-repeat for hours. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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