EP of the Week: Pelicandy – Underlove

Monday, September 16, 2019

It's felt like a long time coming, but London-based duo Pelicandy last week unveiled their debut EP Underlove and it's as impressive as we anticipated it would be. Spanning four very different tracks, the EP provides listeners with approximately fourteen minutes of uninterrupted goodness. According to the duo, "Underlove aims to pry into the world's unhinged psyche with a collection of songs for the armchair psychiatrist."

Underlove kicks off with 'White Sky', as well as a sea of otherworldly synths. The track is about finding clarity within your mind and this is only amplified by the freeing and uplifting sounds of the instrumentals. When you're feeling overwhelmed by life and its many weird turns, sometimes the only cure is to dance it all away. The EP then moves into the enticing sounds of 'You and Me Baby'. The track is fierce and oozes confidence, and we guarantee you'll be strutting down the sidewalk as soon as you hear it.

After a bold and energetic opening to the EP, they take a dreamy turn with 'Silent Treatment', which will literally make you feel like you're floating on a cloud. The track may be dreamy, but it also captures feelings of disconnection and what it feels like to lose grip of the world around you and lost amongst your own contemplative thoughts. The EP closes with 'Our Life Now', which is a moving and emotional ballad about life's more tragic moments. When you listen to 'Our Life Now', you can't help but stop and listen carefully to each word that you hear and think deeply about each one.

Underlove sees Pelicandy reflect on what it's like to be a human overwhelmed by your own mind and internal thoughts. They're able to channel different emotions and present them in a way that feels very real and relatable to anyone who has ever felt bewildered by the ways of the world.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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