Feature: The Anatomy of 'Desire' with First Beige

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

First Beige doesn't release singles often, but when they do, they're always magical. Led by David Versace, they're back at it again, this time sharing the ever-so-enchanting 'Desire'. The track is set to appear on their upcoming EP, which is due for release later this year. To celebrate their new single, David explores the story behind it below.

I wrote 'Desire'... About recognising that feeling of desire for someone as an emotion that you can control and not have to get caught up in.

The story behind 'Desire' is ... Actually very tedious hahahah, the demo project file started in mid-April and went through about 9 versions until I was happy with it. Along the way I was housing Perth homies Demon Days at my house on the Brisbane leg of their tour, so I was fortunate to get some tasty trumpet and keys chops from Will and Josh which I think went really added to the flavour to the song. After finally settling on a demo, we went into Sampology's studio to track 'Desire' and the rest of the EP over 2 days. Sam really made this song what I envisioned from the start, and I felt very lucky to be working with such a profound producer and all-round just a great person.

It was made...  With the intention of making people move and groove, I really like the whole feeling of a continuous driving rhythm that evolves but is snappy at the same time.

My main inspiration was…  Brazilian music and house. I've recently been going to a lot of DJ sets and have realised the importance of house music, how it evolves and how it makes your body feel rhythmically. I've always been super inspired by Brazilian music as well, for me it's perfect, it's got everything (driving rhythms, Symphonic elements, Jazz chops, positive energy) So to combine the two only made sense for me.

It sounds best... live at a First Beige gig, come thru and boogie your heart out!!!

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