Feature: The Anatomy of 'Mirror' with Georgia Mulligan

Monday, September 16, 2019

With the release of her sophomore EP Mirror fast-approaching on September 19th, it's busy times ahead for Sydney-based artist Georgia Mulligan. The EP's title track is a melancholic and tender number about betrayal and the fragile nature of trust. To celebrate the release of the EP, she explores the story of 'Mirror' for us below.

I wrote 'Mirror’…  When I was home alone one night. I started playing this chord progression over and over and had my amp turned up all crunchy and then all of these words just started coming out.

The story behind ‘Mirror' is… It was a way to process a few things  that had come up at the time that had made me really question my reality. Even though I wrote it over 2 years ago, it still feels like a powerful cathartic release every time we play it live.

My favourite lyric is… ‘Would you / Hold it to a Mirror / if I told you I saw through it?’  Basically, it’s calling out behaviour that is toxic, it’s a plea for self-awareness in the interest of compassion for others.

It was made… In Sydney at One Flight Up Studios, St Peters.

My main inspiration was… Trying to be OK with feeling angry, and realising that after all the nervous energy is released then forgiveness comes much more naturally.

It sounds best when… it’s being shouted at you by yours truly ;)

You can catch Georgia Mulligan live in Sydney on Saturday, September 28th at Golden Age with Motion Sickness. Entry is free.

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