Feature: Breaking the Ice with yergurl

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Bendigo-raised yergurl (aka Fae Scott) has knocked it out of the park with her triumphant debut EP Love Bite (via Future Classic).  The release of the EP comes after a successful run of packed-out showcases at BIGSOUND earlier this month. To celebrate the release of the EP a few weeks ago, she took some time out to answer some quick-fire q's for us.

What have you been up to today?
Smoking cigs, eating milo cereal, playing animal crossing, playing sims 3, playing with barbies, making beats…kickin’ back because the last few weeks have been HECTIC.

Last song you listened to?
Don’t Gas Me – Dizzee Rascal. My friend just sent it to me and said I’d like it…she knows me too well.

Best gift you've ever received?
For my birthday this year, my mum got me a pair of undies with “yergurl” in gold on the bum!!

Best book you've read?
The Honest Drug Book by Dominic Milton Trott. I don’t really read books but this one IS honest and
funny as fuck. Otherwise, I’d say Love Signs by Linda Goodman because I’m an astrology hooooo3! (I’m a Leo btw).

Dream holiday spot?
I’d say it’s a tie between Honolulu and Tokyo. I’ve been to both and they were both so dope!!
The water is crystal clear and bright blue in Honolulu and I love how thick and warm the air is.
Otherwise, Tokyo has so much awesome shit to look at and expand your wardrobe with.

What kind of secret society would you start?
I wouldn’t be able to start a secret society cuz I’m shit at keeping secrets.

Favourite dinosaur?
Fuck dinosaurs…survival of the fittest. Fairies are better.

When you survive the apocalypse, what will be your first job?
I’d wanna be like the therapist person that people can come and talk to when they’re traumatised from the apocalypse and I’ll put things in perspective from them and be like…. Bitch!! You survived a motherfucking apocalypse you can do anything boo!

Last Youtube video you watched?
“Real Life Pinocchio Girl: Her Nose Is Constantly Growing” – Only Human. I’m a slut for medical documentaries.

Have you ever texted the wrong person?
No, but I’m sure when I was 14 or something I did the whole “oops that wasn’t meant for you haha ;)”

Favourite director?
Whoever directed the Chucky movies.

Three pet peeves?
1. When little kids cough and don’t cover their mouth and then put their whole hand in the bowl of lollies I was about to get a lolly from.
2. When I’ve got earphones in and an adult male stranger tries to talk to me on the train and invites me to smoke weed at their house cuz it’s their birthday on the weekend.
3. Straight dudes with long nails.

Last dream that you can remember?
My boyfriend was evil and I was holding his severed head and I would stab him with a knife and then grab a different knife, and stab him again and just keep getting new knives to stab him with lol.

Favourite hiding spot?
I love to go to the playground near my house and sit on the swing, but if you mean LITERAL hiding
spot…I have a laundry drop in my house so I’d just sit in there and shut the lid. I’m not getting kidnapped today!!!

Favourite music video?
Butterfly – Smile.dk because not only is the song iconic, but the music video is ICONIC.

What ice cream flavour would you invent?
Melbourne Bitter flavoured ice cream because that’s my favourite beer.

What planet would you move to?
I’d make my own damn planet and it would be SO POPPIN and SO EXCLUSIVE. Only the sickest bitches allowed. Infinite candy, cigarettes that didn’t cause cancer, everyone plays sims 3 and there’d be a party on every night and yoga every morning.

Favourite soundtrack?
I love the Child’s Play 3 soundtrack! I am obsessed with the Chucky movies because my dad let me watch them as a fetus.

Title of your future memoir?
“Nothing is Wrong With You, You’re Just a Bad Bitch Who Gives No Fucks”

Dream place to play a show? 
Can I answer with Coachella?

Listen to Love Bite by yergurl below:

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