Feature: Ingredients of Enjoy with Crocodylus

Monday, September 30, 2019

Sydney-based trio Crocodylus have unveiled their highly anticipated and fan-focused EP Enjoy via The Chat's label Bargain Bin Records. Before they embark on a massive tour to celebrate the EP, Josh, Mikel and Steve of Crocodylus take us through the inspiration behind Enjoy and how it came to life.

Food – Josh
As much as we’d like to go the whole day recording and not eating it’s near impossible for us. I remember one day we ordered around $100 worth of McDonald’s on Uber eats coz we were to busy to leave for lunch. The other days we went for Vietnamese and the other was Japanese. It’s good to have a break from recording and to reflect on what you’ve recorded and maybe even brainstorm new ideas. Then other times you don’t wanna think about recording at all, just that sweet burger in front of you.

Linear Recordings – Mikel
The space where we recorded the EP was amazing, we heard stories about Migos and Miley Cyrus recording in there before which is great! The gear in there is insane, you can just do whatever you want. "hey we want to add a grand piano on a whim"... its right there! It was the first time having more than three microphones on the kit, just so many options to mess around with, everyone has this idealistic vision of what a professional recording studio is supposed to be like and being in one was such a treat, really cemented the work ethic and creative liberties we took with the record.

Each Other – Mikel
Honestly... I love my bandmates, recording can be a little nightmarish sometimes but if it was with other people it might be worse. We have each other's backs and tracking live really makes this apparent, we all have to nail the song together. Be there for each other, have patience, and to not throw the others or yourself out the window if you mess up a take in the last couple of bars...maybe it was me. We got through it in the end and everyone added their own flavour and talents to the record. Collaboration is always worth it!

Broadening Horizons – Steve
There are a bunch of influences for this new EP ranging from a Zelda boss battle to Israeli Chicks (who we are taking on tour). Broadening our horizons on what to listen to and who was listening to what also contributed to new avenues being discovered and toyed with in our sound across the songs. Sprinkling some honky think piano, mellotron inspired soundscapes taken from the Beatles, late oasis and video games as previously mentioned and some jangly 60s 12 string guitar too. Expanding beyond our live sound and possibilities playing various instrumentation really helped the tracks on the EP.

Visuals – Steve
Before going into the studio, watching documentaries of my favourite bands or even live sessions and studio sessions really get me in the zone to make something great. Whether it’s looking for studio tricks or even if it’s just admiring and aspiring to reach the heights and achievements for the bigger picture. Weirdly enough fashion, lighting and room props can also inspire or bring some magic in the studio. For a few tales we had projecting light flying colours around the dark recording room and it was really cool and certainly set a mood.

Live dates:
3rd October - Brisbane Hotel, Hobart (w/ Israeli Chicks, Pistol Peaches)
4th October - Chopped Festival 2019, Guildford
5th October - Workers Club, Melbourne (w/ Israeli Chicks, Pistol Peaches)
6th October - Yours & Owls Festival, Wollongong
11th October - Marrickville Bowlo, Sydney (w/ Israeli Chicks, Pistol Peaches)
12th October - The Cambridge Hotel (Front Bar), Newcastle (w/ Israeli Chicks, Pistol Peaches)
18th October - The Bowlo, Camden (w/ Israeli Chicks, Pistol Peaches)
1st November - Crowbar Black, Brisbane (w/ Israeli Chicks, Pistol Peaches)
2nd November - The Northern, Byron Bay (w/ Israeli Chicks, Pistol Peaches)
28th December - 1st January - Lost Paradise, Glenworth Valley
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