Feature: The Anatomy of 'I Don’t Care' with Lake Jons

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Hailing from Helsinki, Lake Jons, featuring Jooel Jons and Mikko Pennanen, recently unveiled their latest single 'I Don't Care' via PLAYGROUND MUSIC. Their newest slice of neo-prog-pop magic is set to appear on their forthcoming sophomore full-length release. To celebrate the release of 'I Don't Care', they explore the story behind the track for us below.

We wrote ‘I Don’t Care’... in a basement drinking coffee and talking about drinking beer.

The story behind ‘I Don’t Care' is...  about a person who’s been raised in a narrow-minded community, who starts to feel forbidden urges.  Breaking out of that cycle can feel traumatic at first but at some point, you need to let go and say ‘I don’t care’…

 Our favourite lyric is... “a cold breeze touches the skin / aren’t we nothing more than air?”

It was made...  in our underwear with a hi-hat wrapped around a bass guitar, in a basement smelling like coffee.

Our main inspiration was... a priest chasing a misbehaving boy with a shotgun.

It sounds best when... blasting your boombox while cycling downhill as chill as you can.

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