Feature: Ingredients of Queen Of Hearts with Sahara Beck

Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Photo by Jeff Anderson Jr.

Last week saw Brisbane-based art-pop artist Sahara Beck release her brand new EP Queen of Hearts. Across the EP's five tracks, she brings an infectious energy that's hard not to love. Along with oozing confidence, the release also showcases her reflective and open style of songwriting. To celebrate the release of the EP, she takes us through how Queen of Hearts was made.

Step 1: Initial Inspiration/prep
Write 50 songs over a year and a half and put them all in a folder to choose from when you are ready to create another record.

Fall in and out of "like" a few times.

Discover St Vincent's music for the first time, cook her music on high rotation in your earholes for about 2 weeks or until the flavour has sunk into your mind irreversibly. While you are doing this, keep Santigold, Etta James, Queen, Kimbra and Meg Mac on slow cook in the background of your subconscious.

Start to realise that you too are a bad bitch. You can be anything you desire.

Step 2, part 1: Second guess yourself
(Now this step will come up a lot in this recipe, I know it seems like nonsense but just let it happen as it is essential recognising what you really want)

“Maybe I’m crazy for ever thinking I could maybe pull off such a sound that has grown in my head.”

“People will laugh at me.”

Step 2, part 2: 
Remember you love this and therefore you have no choice so it must be done and tell your anxiety to just take a seat and keep its mouth shut while you are doing your thing.

Step 3: Tony Buchen
Now, Tony Buchen is a very rare flavour that actually (fun fact) was first found in Sydney but now the Tony Buchen flavour has been seen more and more over in the United States and is found in a specific area of Los Angeles called Silver Lake.

Show Tony Buchen where your songs are and explain to him how you want them to taste and feel (as you have never made a meal like this and you know that he is the Master Chef of this sound you are trying to perfect).

Now that you have established where your musical meal is currently and where you want it to be, add 8 weeks of Tony Buchen one on one time with you and your music.

Mmmm it’s starting to look good.

Step 4, part 1: Second guess yourself
“Should I have just kept making the folk music that I am used to making?”

“Maybe I’m the only one that thinks this sounds good.”

Step 4, part 2: 
Remember you have no choice, you love this and it must be done and tell your anxiety to just take a seat and keep its mouth shut while you are doing your thing.

Step 5: The look
For this part of the recipe, I personally enjoyed the flavour of Michelle Pitiris and Jeff Anderson Jr. Two very spicy, unique and striking flavours.

You want to come across like the queen that you feel like singing these songs so you show them references you have built up of St Vincent and others that use this block colour effect through their photography.

Pose it up and throw a handful of Michelle Pitiris and Jeff Anderson Jr. on the top.

Listen to Queen of Hearts by Sahara Beck below:

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