Feature: The Anatomy of 'Glow' with RVBY

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Electro-pop artist RVBY, who is from Bristol, has shared a slice off of her upcoming debut EP with her latest gem 'Glow'. The up-and-comer draws upon 80s-inspired soundscapes on her uplifting anthem. She takes us through the story of 'Glow' and how the track came together below.

I wrote ‘Glow’… Exactly when I needed to. I had the basics of ‘Glow’ in my head and took the idea into a session where I worked with Freedo for the first time. We both knew exactly where it needed to go, and everything was just feeling so right while creating it! There was never even a moment of doubt when the song was coming together, it was telling the story for me so perfectly.

The story behind ‘Glow' is… Inspired by anyone who’s brought me down in the past. It’s especially about jealousy and how a lack of support from other people can make you feel. While writing the lyrics for ‘Glow’, I realised I was actually singing about myself too. It’s about that voice inside your head that tells you you’re not good enough. I wanted to share something real with people but predominantly spread a positive message — to glow!

My favourite lyric is… ‘I quite like those jealous eyes’. I feel as though this line added an element of my personality into the chorus. It’s all very serious until I get a bit saucy towards the haters!

It was made… To be danced to!

My main inspiration was… Actually just the word ‘Glow'! For me it’s such a powerful and beautiful word to describe something or someone strong and full of light yet delicate and unknowing.

It sounds best when… You blast it at full volume and let yourself go — dance like nobody’s watching!

Check out 'Glow' by RVBY below:

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