EP of the Week: Vaughan – I AM

Monday, November 25, 2019

This week's feature EP is I AM, which is the debut release of English artist Vaughan. Spanning four tracks, the self-exploratory EP is an open and reflective offering that channels Vaughan's life experiences thus far, including growing up in a traditional family in the countryside, sexuality, identity and becoming comfortable in his own skin.

In a statement, Vaughan explains what the EP means to him and why he created it, "I wanted this EP to be the first piece of my story. A lot of my music is an honest translation of my experience and how that’s shaped me. This first chapter is to discuss who I AM and the parts that make up my identity. The title I AM came naturally because it feels so universal; we’re all just trying to express who we are. One of the main reasons I’ve always done music is with the hopes that if I tell my story, others will want to tell theirs too."

The EP kicks off with the rising sounds of the title-track 'I AM' — ready to break loose, the words, 'I am who I am' will leave a mark. Along with being the EP's grand opening, it's brimming with feelings of freedom and liberation. Next up is 'Out of the Sky', which features incredible vocals by Vaughan. The EP then moves into the meditative and reflective sounds of his previous single 'Isabella' — which is a moving and spine-tingling exploration of self-acceptance. I AM closes on a stirring note with the ever-so-tender 'Living People'.

Listen to Vaughan's debut EP I AM below.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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