Feature: The Anatomy of 'Hell' with VOIID

Wednesday, November 6, 2019
Photo by Milkytingle
Brisbane's VOIID captures the energetic nature of their live shows with their most recent single 'Hell', which was released earlier last month. Chaotic in the best way possible, 'Hell' was designed to play loud and on-repeat. Kate from VOIID dives into the story of how the track came to be.

We wrote ‘Hell’... probably about a year ago. That was when the idea for the song was initially sparked, anyway. It began with the first lyric and just built from there.

The story behind ‘Hell’... is we were at one of our friend's gigs on the Gold Coast. At that point in the night, we were hanging out in the smoker's area when one of our friends came up to us and we started chatting. He said “All my friends are drunk, they’re all getting fucked up in the carpark” and I (Kate) remember thinking that would be such a good lyric because it had such a cool rhythm, so I wrote it down and the rest of the song came afterwards.

It was made... in Ali Richardson's studio on a farm in the Gold Coast hinterlands.

Our main inspiration... was the chaotic energy of self-destructive behaviour.

It sounds best... when played LOUD.

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