Feature: The Anatomy of 'South' with CHAII

Monday, November 4, 2019

Persian-New Zealander CHAII has kicked things off in a huge way with her impressive first official single 'South'. The release of the track comes after wowing the masses with her electrifying live performances at BIGSOUND back in September. To celebrate the release of 'South', as well as the video, which was shot on-location in Oman, CHAII takes us through how the single was born.

I wrote ’South’... when I was feeling the most me I'd ever felt.

The story behind ’South' is... it all came together naturally in a playful way. If I had to reflect on it, I guess at the time I was noticing a lot of social pressures that were put on people around me, in the world and unconsciously on myself. I didn't want to just please everyone or say what they wanted to hear. It was for me more than anything. I was also addressing people who stop supporting you soon as you’re doing well (a small percentage), but thank you for inspiring parts of the song.

My favourite lyric is…"Me skinny but my rhymes so fatty" growing up I’ve occasionally had people say “I heard your song but hadn't seen you before, wow you’re so tiny compared to your voice, was expecting to see someone like Nicki Minaj” haha. Shout out to everyone of all sizes, do YOU and own it!

It was made… in my room one night, I had started the beat already and just started freestyling to it until I had a full demo down. Later recorded parts of the vocals at Bigpop Studios in Auckland NZ, followed by the legendary Sylvia Massy on the mix (Studio Divine, OR, US)

My main inspiration was… I wanted to make a fun song that had a bop to it and lyrically raw. Naturally, I ended up drawing inspiration from Southern Iranian drum patterns.

It sounds best when… Blasted in your car on a sunny day.

Check out 'South by CHAII below:

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