Feature: Breaking the Ice with Vaughan

Monday, November 18, 2019

English singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Vaughan is at his best on his mediative and self-reflective single 'Isabella', which is about the young artist's internal battle with sexuality and self-acceptance. On the newly released video for 'Isabella' (directed by Matt Dempsey of Masses Collective), he expands on the track's exploration of identity. Vaughan took some time out to answer some quick-fire questions for us below.

What have you been up to today?
Riding every transport link in London between music teaching, praying I can make rent this month.

Last song you listened to?
Deal Wiv It by Slowthai & Mura Masa

Best gift you've ever received?
A hoodie with my facebook profile picture on it.

Best book you've read?
Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Dream holiday spot?
Svalbard to see the Northern Lights

What kind of secret society would you start?
Good manners appreciation society

Favourite dinosaur?

When you survive the apocalypse, what will be your first job?
The Ethicist, someone to remind us not to eat our leftover friends.

Last Youtube video you watched?
A tutorial on how to use a Teenage Engineering OP-1

Have you ever texted the wrong person?
I’ve been texting my number neighbour and they still haven’t replied </3

Favourite director?
Matt Dempsey who directed the music video for ‘Isabella’

Three pet peeves?
Bad manners.
People without good manners.
People who don’t know what manners are.

Last dream that you can remember?
I had a dream last night that I needed to be healed and the doctor was using this bowl of natural holistic remedies that I refused to take so they held me down and poured it on my head.

Favourite hiding spot?
Bed with candles lit and a vinyl playing

Favourite music video?
Cellophane by FKA Twigs

What ice cream flavour would you invent?
Coconut, Biscoff, Vanilla Bean = Ciscilla Queen Of The Vanilla

What planet would you move to?
Ideally, I’d want to live on one of Jupiter’s moons, but I’d probably end up on Uranus.

Favourite soundtrack?
Every soundtrack written by John Williams

Title of your future memoir?
Memoirs of a Gay-sha

Dream place to play a show?
The Royal Albert Hall

Check out 'Isabella' by Vaughan below:

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