Now Playing: Alfie Templeman – 'Who I Am'

Friday, November 22, 2019
Photo by Blackksocks

It's a fact, there are not many 16-year-olds as busy as Alfie Templeman is right now. Arguably one of the year's biggest breakout artists, Templeman is on track for world domination next year and we're sure of it. The teenager can do it all too — not only is he an amazing singer, but he can play an array of instruments, writes, composes and produces.

Recently he shared his newest EP Don't Go Wasting Time (via Chess Club), and though it's an excellent release and you should definitely listen to it over-and-over again, the EP features the ever-so-impressive 'Who I Am'.

In his most vibrant video yet, Templeman does it all amongst being surrounded by the bold colours of orange and blue — including singing, playing guitar and drums, and even has a bit of a groove as well. It's a fun video that captures the carefree and freeing nature of the song and the feeling it gives you each time that you hear it.

The track also features an infectious combination of summer-inspired pop and indie-rock. There's also an interesting contrast between the shimmering and warm soundscapes with Templeman's introspective and reflective words, including, "All this time I was wrong / Kept you hurting for so long / Wish that I could’ve changed / Everything stayed the same."

Check out 'Who I Am' by Alfie Templeman below.

Written by Amy Smolcic

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