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Monday, November 4, 2019
Photo by Zac Mahrouche

Want to know what happens when post-punk and spoken-word poetry collide? If you're curious to find out, then it's time to dive into the sounds of Limerick's Sinead O'Brien. O'Brien is a master of mixing these two distinct worlds and turning it into pure magic. After sharing her remarkable single 'A Thing You Call Joy' recently, she has shared yet another beautiful track with 'Limbo' via Chess Records.

On her motivation behind the track, she said, "Stuck in static. Words catch onto branches, flowers illuminate the hill walk home, and the rubbish. On the street-so close to the flowers. ‘Limbo’ is not a resolute piece of work, is it a clue, an idea I have began to chase down and open up. I saw the passing of days unmarked, and moments unnoticed, the in between was brimming to the surface so that I could no longer ignore it!"

The release of 'Limbo' was joined by the accompanying music by Saskia Dixie. The video is an extension of O'Brien's expressive words — "She focuses on in between moments, giving importance to a change in expression, lighting, a gesture, a personal habit," said O'Brien.

Check out 'Limbo' by Sinead O'Brien below.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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