Review: Iceland Airwaves 2019 Day Three – ft. Hatari & Hachiku

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Day three at Iceland Airwaves was freezing cold but that didn’t stop revellers in Reykjavík from filling up venues, with many main festival locations reaching capacity for most of the night. For those lucky enough to not be caught in a line, there’s was a lot on offer across the city. 

We were lucky enough to catch German-raised and Melbourne-based artist Hachiku play an enchanting daytime set at Hressingarakálinn for The Current. The stunning vocals of Anika Ostendorf left the room truly mesmerised. Along with a delightful cover of 'Dreams' by The Cranberries, Hachiku performed tracks such as 'Moon Face', which was the closer.

Iceland's anti-capitalist warriors and lords of Eurovision, Hatari set Reykjavík alight – literally – with their performance. Dressed head-to-toe in their BDSM-wear, they stormed the stage with their trance-like fusion of punk, electronica and everything in-between – Hatari's sound is something entirely its own. Early on, they played their Eurovision super-hit 'Hatrið mun sigra', with Hatari's Matthías appearing above the crowd. They also had special guests with them, including Palestinian artist Bashar Murad to perform their collaboration 'Klefi/Samed (صامد)'. Hatari's rave-like shows are a must-see and will give you an experience that you won’t forget.

 Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)
Photos by Kristy Smolcic (folio)