Feature: Our Favourite Tracks of 2019... Part One

Monday, December 2, 2019

This month, we'll be celebrating all the music that we've loved this year and to kick off festivities, we're taking you through some of our favourite tracks of 2019 — part two of the feature will be coming next week, so stay tuned to meet more songs then.

If you've yet to meet our favourite tunes, it's never too late to weave them into your playlists. Scroll through to learn more about the songs that we were addicted to in 2019 below.

'Here It Comes Again' by Sports Team
The untamed six-piece from the UK have had their biggest year yet and there's no stopping them now. Though we can't fault any of the singles that they've shared in 2019, 'Here It Comes Again' was one of our absolute favourites. The track is non-stop madness from beginning to end, with each second perfectly capturing everything that we love about the band.

'Good Girls Do Bad Things' by Lucia & The Best Boys 
Glasgow's Lucia & The Best Boys fuse 80s-inspired sounds with their own signature flavour to create their firey single 'Good Girls Do Bad Things'. Lucia from the band wrote the empowering track for women who have been messed around by bad dudes or have experienced a toxic relationship. 'Good Girls Do Bad Things' is an absolute power anthem and will make you feel like you're a badass heroine in an action movie.

'Outside' by MorMor
Each time we listen to 'Outside', we're transported to another place — the artist from Canada combines bright and airy instrumentals with poignant words about alienation and fear. When you hear 'Outside' for the first time, you'll feel frozen in time. MorMor's delicate and tender mix of light and dark — a chiaroscuro effect if you will — makes for a masterpiece.

'Disco Lights' by Pynch 
Pynch are going to have a big year in 2020 and we're sure of it. Their catchy new single 'Disco Lights' is one of those songs that sticks with you, even hours after you've heard it — it's pure magic.

'First Encounters' by The Ninth Wave
Glasgow-based act The Ninth Wave have had a breakthrough year in 2019 and we predict that there's more coming their way next year. Every track from their impressive debut album Infancy is incredible in their own way, but 'First Encounters' has a special place in our heart. The song expresses the feeling when you're on the verge of dismantling in the most beautiful and human way possible.

'Hey!' by Adwaith 
South Wales band Adwaith, who recently won the Welsh Music Prize, shared their full-throttle track 'Hey!' back in September alongside 'Wine Time'. 'Hey!' is a powerful and scathing critique of world leaders and their lack of action in regards to climate change.

'Dreamboat' by Joviale
The first time listening to 'Dreamboat' will give you an experience that you won't forget. The lush and intricately layered instrumentals are bewitching and when you partner these with her mesmerising vocals the end result is truly a dream.

'The Cleaner' by Squid 
Their enthralling track is home to a fusion of disco-punk, post-punk and Squid's intriguing lyrics that reflect on the mundanity of everyday life. Spanning seven-and-a-half minutes, the track takes listeners on quite the journey, with each twist and turn just as memorable as the next.

'Strange to Know Nothing' by Walt Disco
Glasgow has had a moment in 2019, and part of the pack of incredible artists to burst out of the area was Walt Disco. The explosive track is the moody goth anthem we wish we had at our school dance. If anyone needs a movie soundtrack made that's reminiscent of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, be sure to hit up Walt Disco.

'Late Night City' by Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard 
It's been a busy year for Welsh band Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, and in-between playing shows on the regular they shared the ever-so-exhilarating 'Late Night City'. Featuring a dose of vintage rock 'n' roll, give this mighty number a whirl during your next late-night drive.

'Right Round The Clock' by Sorry 
North London band Sorry will lure you in with their swirling number 'Right Round The Clock'. Trust us, one listen of their addictive track will never be enough.

'Theatrical State of Mind' by Papooz
The French duo ooze cool and confidence on 'Theatrical State of Mind' and it's infectious. We wish we could bottle up this sleek track and devour it over-and-over again.

'Fear My Society' by The Wants
The brooding single sees The Wants channel one's innermost fears and you'll feel goosebumps throughout. Its words are relatable to any anyone who has found themselves overwhelmed by the ways of the world and our current political and social state.

'Rocking Chair' by Mysie 
Mysie's stirring track 'Rocking Chair' brings together her flawless vocals, melancholic piano arrangements and escalating synths, with each of the elements working to create something that's utterly enchanting and heartstopping.

'Out of Sequence' by Drab Majesty 
LA-based duo Drab Majesty released one of the best albums of the year, and featuring on the release was their moving number 'Out of Sequence'. The track is an invigorating and honest exploration of identity.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Next week, we'll be sharing another fifteen tracks that we loved in 2019. Until then, listen to all our favourites from above in our new playlist: