Feature: Our Favourite Tracks of 2019... Part Two

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

We’re excited to finally share part two of favourite tracks of 2019. If you missed part one of the list, you can check it out here. Though the year has delivered so many amazing songs, the tracks below are the ones that left the biggest mark on us. You can also spin all our favourites that have appeared in part one and two in our new playlist below.

‘Second Sweat’ by Faux Real
Franco-American brothers Virgile and Elliott Arndt may only have one single out in the world, but it’s a pretty damn good one. ‘Second Sweat’ is pure goodness from beginning to end and you’ll fall in love with the track as soon as you hear it.

‘Limbo’ by Sinead O’Brien
Our favourite post-punk poet unleashed a string of brilliant singles in 2019, including her magnetic track ‘Limbo’. O'Brien is an impeccable songwriter and her expressive words are incredibly special.

‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’ by Wooze
It’s a fact, there’s no such thing as a bad Wooze song. The duo are an absolute force and we can’t wait to see them dominate next year.

‘Hip Horror’ by Methyl Ethel 
Released earlier in the year, Methyl Ethel’s release Triage has been an album that we’ve constantly returned to throughout 2019. ‘Hip Horror’ is an eerie and unnerving cut from the record, but also a track that’s beautiful in every way possible.

‘Tired and Sick’ by Otha
Otha doesn’t share singles often, but when she does we’re always left in awe of her talent. Her rave-inspired track is exactly what you want to be blasting aloud when you’ve had enough of the world for the day.

‘Narcissus’ by Lazarus Kane 
The ever-so-enigmatic Lazarus Kane came through triumphant with their first single via cult label Speedy Wunderground. The track serves up seven-and-a-half delectable minutes that you won’t forget.

‘Girls’ by Eliza Shaddad
Eliza Shaddad’s music always gives us a rush of goosebumps and ‘Girls’ was certainly no exception. Across the track, you can feel every single word she croons.

‘Human’ by Emerson Snowe
‘Human’ might feel warm and vibrant, but Emerson Snowe’s words cut deep. Not only was his debut EP That’s Rock ‘N’ Roll one of our favourite EPs of the year, but we were equally impressed by his live show too.

‘Time Machine’ by Weird Milk 
Weird Milk are one of the most exciting bands in the UK right now and throughout the year they’ve shared different sides of their expansive sound. Their single ‘Time Machine’ is one that we continue to have on-repeat.

‘Personality Change’ by Glove
‘Personality Change’ was a track we randomly stumbled across this year. Reflecting on themes such as identity and conformity, the track is an absorbing number that you will become addicted to.

‘Sophie’ by Arlo Parks
A lot of magical music has come from the London-based up-and-comer this year and we wish we could fill our list with all of them. ‘Sophie’ is of the many tracks by Parks that we felt drawn too.

‘1800-MUM-DAD’ by Lupine
Melbourne-based band Lupine always delivers and their song ‘1800-MUM-DAD’ is one that we still have on loop. The single has been etched in our minds since they released it earlier in 2019.

‘Big Time’ by Football FC
‘Big Time’ was another track that we came across randomly and we were blown away as soon as we heard it. The single was a mighty offering by the band, who have big things coming their way.


‘Knife on the Platter’ by BODEGA
The compelling track features an intriguing mix of post-punk and some BODEGA magic and it's a combination that never fails.

‘Teeth’ by Working Men’s Club
Working Men’s Club shared this shadowy and ominous slice of heaven and it’s one that’s impossible to shake off — all you can do is dance it out.

‘I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend’ by Ezra Furman 
Furman’s swirling and heartfelt single ‘I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend’ still gives us chills as soon as we press play.

‘Waiting On The Moment’ by Jonathan Bree 
Dripping in melancholy and nostalgia, ‘Waiting On The Moment’ always makes us stop and ponder. Jonathan Bree is a master of finding beauty in the bleakest and darkest of moments.

‘Adderall’ by Egyptian Blue 
Named accordingly, ‘Adderall’ is chaotic in the best way possible. The jittery track paints a picture of someone who is desperately crawling out of their skin.

‘Dead of Night’ by Orville Peck
Orville Peck, 2019’s number one crooning cowboy, will have you shedding a tear with his stirring number ‘Dead of Night’. The song has the heart and spirit of another time.

‘Wide Eyed’ by Charlotte Spiral
This delicate and tender debut track by Charlotte Spiral will leave your heart in a flutter.

Written by Kristy Smolcic 

You can listen to all our favourites from 2019 in our new playlist: