Now Watching: Do Nothing – 'Lebron James'

Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Photo by Tom Morley

Nottingham post-punk band Do Nothing have unveiled the visuals for their recent single 'Lebron James'. The video for the single was directed by Kat Brown and Ciaran Grant.

In a pub where it looks like something is about to go down, Chris Bailey from the band repeats the track's lyrics into a phone whilst surrounded by all sorts of odd types — including a dude frantically pumping air into a yellow balloon on the verge of bursting. Bailey said on the video, "We always like our videos to feature people or places local to us so they have a weird familiarity (for those that know). We filmed the last one at the bar Nottingham we all drink at, this time we hired out an old social club near where we all live and cast a load of friends and their parents to play these funny sinister roles."

Check out 'Lebron James' by Do Nothing below.

Written by Amy Smolcic 

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