Feature: The Anatomy of 'Over It' with Blondage

Friday, January 31, 2020

Copenhagen artist Blondage is currently prepping up to unveil her sophomore EP I Love Music, due for release on February 28th. Until it's time to dive into the release as a whole, she's shared a preview of what's to come with her latest single 'Over It'. She's also unveiled the playful music video for the song, which parodies makeup YouTube tutorials. Blondage takes us through the story behind her latest single below.

I wrote ‘Over It'… with Esben, my favourite producer and former partner in crime in Blondage, and LA producer Kid Froopy

The story behind ‘Over It' is… that me and Esben had been to a record label pool party the night before and the experience was still in my body the next morning so I ended up writing a song about it. It was such a strange atmosphere at this party in a mansion in the Hills, where everyone was networking and buzzing around the important people like bees around honey jars. The song ended up being about how a lot of people struggle to find a place in the social hierarchy of competitive environments (like at a label party or on social media, etc) — and especially for women, there are so many expectations of how you should look and behave in order to claim a high social status.

My favorite lyric is…"you look dope, I look dope, silky rope, I hate it, I just wanna cry — we talk shit, so in it, we don't click and we drift thousand miles apart."

It was made… using just a laptop, a keyboard and a sound card and a microphone (the most minimal setup, you could imagine) in a small Airbnb cottage in someone's backyard in Los Angeles during a songwriting trip. I wrote the lyrics and melody really fast. It was one of these songs that just wrote itself basically. The final version differs very little from this first demo and even though I tried to record the vocals again many times I could never make it sound as good as the initial takes. So the vocal takes on the verses are from that morning.

My main inspiration was... being in LA while writing the song. LA is such a crazy place to me, both amazing and monstrous. It can really spark your creativity to be someplace completely different from home. People are in general a lot more loud, open, flamboyant and extreme in LA compared to Copenhagen. We wanted to make the production and overall vibe super minimal and playful and was inspired by artists like Lorde and Tove Styrke.

It sounds best when... you hear it really loud on headphones while walking in the sun.

Check out 'Over It' by Blondage below:

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