Feature: The Anatomy of 'City Of Angels' with Lucia & The Best Boys

Wednesday, February 5, 2020
Photo by Ronan Park

After closing out last year in a huge way with their single 'Good Girls Do Bad Things', Lucia & The Best Boys last week unleashed their latest single 'City of Angels' as well as their new EP Eternity via Sweet Jane Recordings. 'City of Angels' is another powerful offering by the band, with the track reflecting on isolation and feeling overwhelmed by the pressure from society to be and act a certain way. Lucia Fairfull from the band takes us through the single below.

I wrote 'City of Angels'... when I decided I wanted to write something different to what I usually write about. Throughout the making of this EP I also found a lot of self-confidence and putting my thoughts into these lyrics made it clearer to me that I should feel totally comfortable in being myself and doing what I want to do.

The story behind ‘City of Angels’... is for anyone who’s ever felt hounded by the “norms” of society and made to feel like they’re not enough. We’re forever judging ourselves and others; it's a toxic mentality that sweeps over everyone. We should celebrate originality and our flaws and never feel the need to suppress our personality for the sake of someone else.

My favourite lyrics is... the very first line of the song which is ‘Why lie to stay alive’ which means why change or feel like you need to pretend to be something you are not for the sake of other people.

It was made... in Los Angeles.

My main Inspiration was... the modern state of society.

It sounds best when... you hear it live.

Listen to 'City of Angels':

Check out the rest of Lucia & The Best Boys' EP Eternity below:

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