Feature: The Anatomy of 'Haunt Me' with Chrysalism

Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Photo by Filip Kettner

At the end of January, North London (via Prague) artist Chrysalism returned with a brand new single, this time sharing the immensely moving 'Haunt Me'. The meditative and reflective track sees Chrysalism aka Michal Vojtech reflect on longing in the most beautiful way possible. To celebrate the new single, Michal takes us through the story behind 'Haunt Me' below.

I wrote ‘Haunt Me' when... I was feeling like an idiot because of something I’d done. I sat in the living room on my last summer night. There was a laptop and a midi keyboard next to me so I sang the first melody that came to my head.

The story behind ‘Haunt Me'... is about two people romantically missing each other until the point where the idea of another person becomes haunting. Sometimes the idea is more moving than the reality. I’m so bad at self-reflecting but I can see myself in other people. They’re my only mirror.

My favourite lyric is... ‘Call up your homies, tell them what’s your word worth’. I kind of mumbled that part of the song but those words started the song.

It was made... over a few nights that I spent by myself and with my producer Patrick.

My main inspiration... was driving up to the old hill where me and my friends used to get high and listen to Kevin Abstract on the speakers.

It sounds best when... the song comes up on your playlist on a late-night bus ride home.

Listen to 'Haunt Me' by Chrysalism below:

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