Feature: The Anatomy of 'City View' with BATTS

Thursday, March 5, 2020
Photo by @re._stacks

2019 was a big year for Melbourne-based artist BATTS, who not only supported the likes of Sharon Van Etten on tour but also released her stunning debut and highly anticipated album The Grand Tour. She's returned with her first single of the year, this time sharing 'City View'. Before her upcoming trip to the US for SXSW, she took some time to break down the track for us below.

I wrote 'City View’... in my home on my nylon string guitar.

The story behind ‘City View' is... basically, I was writing a lot of sad songs because it’s a sad time in my life right now and I process a lot through music and I needed to write something that maybe would make myself and my partner smile, this song came out and it does exactly that. The verse is the little bit of humour and also a head nod to all of my friends and everyone else in their late 20's to late 30's.

My favourite lyric is… ‘Go on our morning walks, take the city view in’ Most mornings my partner and I go for a walk and about halfway is this killer view of the city and it’s just nice to be able to put that into a song because it marks this chapter of our lives of where we live etc.

It was made… into a good ole wonky song with my incredible band Lachlan O’Kane (Drums), Ross Beaton (Analog Synth), Brendan Tsui (Bass) and Adam Dean (Lead Guitar) and then recorded at Purple Wayne in Melbourne with the great Alex O’Gorman.

My main inspiration was… my life.

It sounds best when… you hit play ;)

Listen to 'City View' by BATTS below.

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