Feature: The Anatomy of 'Mikkel' with Gaygirl

Friday, March 27, 2020

Photo by Cali Titmas

South London's Gaygirl are getting ready to share their debut EP Pleasurehead on April 24th via Permanent Creeps — but until then, they've served up a taste of what to expect with their abrasive and thrashing new track 'Mikkel', which they shared earlier this month. Bex Morrison from Gaygirl recently took some time out to dissect the single for us below.

We wrote ‘Mikkel'... to appeal to the micro-masses.

The story behind ‘Mikkel'... has nothing to do with somebody called Mikkel.

My favourite lyric is... 'Did I mistake good for suffer' — something we can all relate to; hindsight and viewing things in a different light when it's too late.

It was made... with the idea of building tension that never quite resolves.

My/our main inspiration was... our main inspiration didn't just come from one place — the song has a 90's grunge-esque vibe, which we maintained using harsh/dry guitar tones. However, we also wanted to contrast this sound with something quite far removed from the genre, so we used an Ebow guitar effect at the end of the song which kind of sounds like a warped accordion. We all find inspiration in changing the direction of a song by taking it somewhere less expected and creating an overall shift in atmosphere by the end of the track.

It sounds best when... you put your speakers in the bath and roll around on your tummy.

Listen to 'Mikkel' by Gaygirl below:

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